New Years Eve – 2018

The only other American expatriate in Udhailiyah is finally back from his annual repatriation.

Over lunch at the Golf course club house, Derrick and I decided to start the new year by supporting each other in a consistent workout regimen. Derrick will help me with strength training in the gym and I will keep him focused on running.

Today was our first workout and I’m already sore. I’ve never been sore so quickly, which is somewhat embarrassing. Hopefully Derrick and I will hold each other accountable.  It would be nice to lose 25-30 pounds and get back to my pre-hurricane Harvey weight.


The Superintendent of Operations requested a calendar of our proposed leave time for 2018. It was exciting to plan my repatriation (30-day vacation) along with two other short leaves, which are both 10-day vacations. I’ll still have 5 or 6 days on the books, plus Aramco holidays. Vacation and travel is another perk of being an Aramcon.

Speaking of travel, we booked a trip to Egypt in a couple weeks. We plan to tour the pyramids by camel, see the sphinx, visit a few museums around Cairo, and take a sunset boat cruise on the Nile river. Not a bad way to start 2018!


Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I’m setting a few goals for myself. I have a horrible record with resolutions, yet I tend to be goal oriented. Perhaps a different label will improve my success rate.
Fitness: I hope my average weight for the entire year is less than 200 lbs
Training: Train and compete in a full Ironman competition
Financial: Purchase a beach rental property.


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