This morning I woke up to several messages that are weighing heavy on my heart.

First, my sister reported that the mass in my mom’s chest continues to develop and doctors have reported that it is growing at an alarming rate. The family and doctors are planning surgery in the next couple of weeks. Parts of me want to visit the states, yet my logical side reminds me that there is nothing I can do.

As soon as I started processing what my sister had shared, I read online that Steve  Paramore died. Josh Paramore is one of my best friends and Steve is his father. I knew Steve less in person and more through Facebook. I will forever remember the countless stories Josh shared with me about the Life & Times of his father. He was an amazing man, great father, and he truly lived life with a free spirit. May the stories of Steve forever live on.


Unfortunately, I’m at the age where messages like these are prone to grow progressively common. Outside of my career, I’ve had minimal exposure to the decay of life or even loss. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms to deal with the circle of life. It is time for me to find a non-destructive way of coping.


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