News words I’ve learned and use often:

Inshallah = ‘God willing’
Al-hamdu lillah = Salutation said when you sneeze
As-salaam alaikum – General greeting, “Peace be with you”
Aw-alaikum salaam – Response to the above greeting “and peace be with you”
Shabab = You guys, ya’ll, etc
Iqama = KSA residency card
Istimara = vehicle registration
Jebel = Large rock-like formations
Abaya – Long-sleeve outerwear worn by females in public. Often black and required
Hijab = Garment worn by many Muslim women in public to cover their head/face
Thawb = Traditional Arabic men clothing
Um-ali = traditional sweet dessert (translation = Mother of Ali)
Abu = Father of

I’ve learned all the Arabic numbers and now I’m trying to learn the alphabet.

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