Car owner

After weeks of searching, we finally purchased a vehicle.

Our iqama restricts us from owning certain vehicles, primarily; large SUVs with third-row seating and pick-up trucks. Every evening I searched the Facebook classified and for the perfect car. We have serious consideration to all makes and models which primarily included; Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover, and even one Maserati.

In the end, the choice was between a Land Rover and Jeep Wrangler. Both makes had pros and cons. Used Wranglers are hard to find in KSA and the ones available appeared in rough condition. As for Land Rovers, they have a reputation of maintenance issues and there’s only a few dealerships in the Kingdom.

In the end, the Land Rover offered the most value for our money. We’re the proud owners of a Land Rover LR2. The SUV is in immaculate condition with only has 21,000 km (about 13,000 miles). My head turns still every time I see a jeep wrangler, but I’m very happy about our choice.

Now that I have a private vehicle, I have a new sense of freedom and I’m one-step closer to a normalcy in Saudi Arabia.25352273_10215500226404147_9008671592993035515_o

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