Worldly Possessions

Every week I get a haircut in camp and it never disappoints. I’m currently sporting a beard and decided to splurge for a shave. Not only are the prices super cheap, ($14 USD for haircut, shave, and facial scrub) but the experience was AMAZING. These guys are the best at what they do. There is nothing better than a straight-edge razor shave and the rejuvenating feel of a facial scrub. If that isn’t enough, the visit is finished with an aggressive neck and shoulder massage.

Apparently, the beard makes me look Egyptian. Numerous people have commented about my Egyptian-look. I had not heard the reference before the beard, so there is apparently a link between the two. The only down-side to looking Egyptian, people assume I speak Arabic.

Having never had a beard before, I’m not skilled at trimming straight lines. Consequently, the beard looks fairly hacked. Once the hair fills-in, I will post a picture.


Our move to KSA required Renee and I to rid ourselves of meaningless possessions. We also vowed to own less “stuff” in the future. Over 40+ years, we accumulated an insurmountable pile of junk that was neither beautiful nor deemed meaningful. Staying true to our ambitions, we are cognizant to the addiction of discretionary purchases. With patience, the items we select will be nicer possessions that sincerely reflect our life and our experiences.

Last night we purchased an Arabic coffee maker from the Al Othaim Mall and I absolutely love it. I enjoy the appearance, its usefulness, and the subtle blend of old and modern technology. It is a bit odd to say that a coffee maker is our most prized purchase since arriving in kingdom.


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