Al Hasa

Renee and I ventured to the City of Al Hasa, located 45-minutes from the Udhailiyah community camp. Our first solo trip outside the community without a friend or co-worker came with a given level of anxiety.

As I reflect on the trip, I realize it was all self-imposed anxiousness.

We traveled by Aramco shopping bus, which was uneventful. The only issue arose when we were dropped off at the Al Hasa mall, which would not open for another 1.5 hours. We walked around the exterior of the entire mall and eventually crossed the boulevard to get a drink and snack from a fuel station.

It was no surprise that we stood out among the community, especially Renee and her blonde hair. We were mostly unsuccessful at locating the items on our list. However, we had fun looking at the various shops and happily enjoyed the Western cuisine from the food court. If you must know, I ate at Popeye’s Chicken.

The remainder of the weekend has been uneventful.

Knowing little of my athletic abilities, my superintendent nominated me to represent the Udhailuiah Fire Protection Department for the annual “Fill the Burn” fitness challenge in December. I’m using the opportunity as a catalyst to start a consistent exercise regimen. On Friday I was able to push my long run to 8.5 miles with LOTS of hills. On Saturday, Renee joined me for a three-mile run which included a pyramid workout of stair climbs.

Random statement: Did I mention there are camels everywhere? I love it!


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