Week 2

Week two as an Aramcon is complete. The new hire orientation involved countless miles traveled, numerous introductions, and multiple station tours.

Orientation is divided into three overlapping areas; Corporate (Aramco), Department (FrPD), and Division (Udhailiyah). The process appears to be thorough. Next week I will start orientation in Udhailiyah, much closer to home.

My colleagues are very hospitable. At times, the expectations of the position seems daunting. However, I’m not here in search of something easy. I’m here to make contributions to an organization that values my knowledge, skills, and abilities.

One of my favorite visits was to Ras Tanura, home of the Advance Training Facility. The complex is quite impressive and is only shadowed by Texas Engineering Extension Service in College Station, Texas.

The Ras Tanura community is along the beach and looks like a picture out of a travel magazine. From the palm-lined streets, to the white sandy beaches at the base of a clear blue ocean… the sight is surreal. I was touring the area on business and only able to sneak one picture as we drove near the golf course. I will admit, I’m a bit jealous of those lucky enough to be assigned to Ras Tanura.

Received my iquama today, which is a big check-box item for me to get accomplished. An iquama is a Saudi Arabia residency card and essential for a variety of task, including but not limited to; obtaining a drivers license, bank account, permanent cellular phone, and necessary to purchase a vehicle.


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