Renee is settling-in well with the community. She is not one to sit idle and has quickly adjusted to the changes around her. Every day she tells me of new friends and activities she’s located in the camp. Her days include trips to the commissary, visits to the women’s fitness center, and managing small task around the house.

The Fire Protection Department (FrPD) has an annual fitness assessment for the FD staff. This year the FrPD engaged the community by allowing them to either spectate or participate in the “Feel the Burn” Fitness Challenge. Along with the community, the six Udhailiyah stations were duly represented. The challenge started with a 1.6 km run before advancing to the firefighter specific field events.

Renee entered the run and as expected, she easily won the female division. She was elated to receive a tee-shirt & medal, and she was completely shocked when they told her she won a bicycle for her efforts!IMG_1402IMG_1403IMG_1404

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