The Weekend

The weekend came and went in the blink of an eye. An American colleague showed me around a few of the fire stations and then drove us to the larger markets in Al Hasa to buy  household items not available at the commissary.

Yesterday was the first true day to relax. I slept in later than usual, which was greatly needed since I’m not feeling well. On Thursday I was in a taxi for two-hours and the driver was coughing and sneezing the entire time. It’s not a significant illness, merely congestion and head pressure… similar to sinus issues.

Renee and I reached outside our typical athletic sports and visited the driving range. We both had fun and surprisingly, she is did quite well. She’s a true athlete in the sense that she does well at most sports. Once the sun set behind the Jebel’s we went for our evening run. I pushed the distance and pace without any issues. Later this week, the FD is hosting a community run and I’m excited to participate, even though it is only 1.6 km.

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