Travel Day

Before today, my longest flight was less than 4-hours. That old record was obliterated and will not easily be replaced. Our journey to kingdom included three connecting flights totaling more than 17 hours in the air. Add the layovers and other miscellaneous time and the trip exceeded 24-hours.

All-in-all, it was a great experience. However, I would strongly suggest first-class accommodations if finances permit.

We were thankful the Aramco representatives were available at the airport. The team walked us through each process with ease, which otherwise would have been an arduous task. I’ve been told that Aramcon’s take care of one another and today that was demonstrated by the selfless mission of several people to ensure a positive transition.

What we thought would be easy came with small challenges and the processes we worried about the most, were easy. For example, Renee and I were most concerned with the strict regulations of KSA customs, yet the process ended up being uneventful, lasting less than 5-minutes. On the other hand, navigating the Frankfurt International airport wasn’t as easy as we presumed it would be.

We saw a lot and took a ton of pictures. I don’t know where to begin with posting it all. In an attempt to keep my blog clean and simple, I only attached a few of my favorites. The first two pictures are the beginning of the journey, the 3rd picture are the clouds over Germany, and the last picture was our decent into Dammam.


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