The Purge

After months of selling our possessions, the purge is complete. In what would end up being a stroke of luck, the last of our belongings are gone. Within the first hour of opening the garage sale, a Sinton-area thrift store owner made us a cash offer to buy-out everything remaining. After some back-and-forth haggling, we agreed upon a price, albeit much less than Renee felt we should have accepted.

It wasn’t long before the buyer acknowledged the job was much larger than she expected. It took three large pick-up trucks and a 16-foot trailer loaded 6′ high to haul everything away.

The idea of a buy-out was emotionally charged for Renee. In my opinion, the process is easier for her if she can make a personal connection to the buyers, rather than robotically loading everything onto a trailer with little or no immediate appreciation. On the other hand, I was elated with the offer and knew it was for the best.

We worked feverishly all-day yesterday and barely made a dent on the number of items remaining. It was obvious the buy-out was a blessing in disguise after spending 6 hours helping the buyer pack and load the trucks. We had the potential to make more money, but it would have required a lot more time and our itinerary overseas has made time an extremely valuable commodity.

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