We breached two more important milestones on our journey to KSA.

Yesterday, waiting at the front door was a FEDEX package containing the final documents from Saudi Aramco. The packet including our passports with signed Saudi visas, flight itineraries, and informative documents about our travels to KSA. Like a child excited with anticipation, I read everything word-for-word. There are no other hurdles and we are officially moving overseas.

Today we bid farewell to our beloved Jeep Wrangler. Renee and I accumulated countless memories in our little Jeep and it was often much more than transportation. For us, the Jeep symbolized who we are and our beloved way of life.

Often I share the story of our second date with friends and family. I picked Renee up from her house in Victoria and we drove to dinner with the Jeep top down and doors off. I failed to look at the weather and consequently, we were caught in a torrential downpour. Months later, I recollected how one moment in time was pivotal for our relationship. Renee’s ability to laugh when others would have been irritated, subconsciously tore-down walls that I had built around myself.

I will forever remember our trips to the beach, Houston, Hot Springs Arkansas, the wildlife refuge, South Padre Island, and a myriad of other adventures. Simply stated, we are Jeep people. Upon our return to the States, I’m confident a Jeep will be one of our initial purchases.


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