It felt a bit silly boarding a plane for a destination less than 3-hours away, but that is exactly what we did for tomorrows orientation and visa medical exam. We embraced the opportunity to sharpen our airline skills.

Upon our arrival in Houston, Renee saw a man wearing a black suit near the baggage claim area, holding a sign that read “W. Cox”. With a puzzled look on her face, Renee looked at me and asked; Is that really for US? A huge grin was plastered on my face as the driver escorted us to the awaiting Cadillac and she indiscreetly whispered; I’ve only seen this on television!

Our destination for the night was a Galleria-area hotel. Having lived in Houston most of my life, I reminisced about the various sights along our route.

Once settled into our room, Renee and I walked a few blocks to Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant. I had been there once before for my 40th birthday, yet I vaguely remember the cuisine.  Even though the dinner service appeared busy, we were fortunate to get a table without reservations. The environment was charming and as one might expect, the food was delightful.

The next day the orientation and medical visa were both uneventful. Three other candidates attended the orientation with us.  Networking with others who have a common interest proved to be fruitful. The air was palatable with nervous excitement, especially the wives of the candidates.

The entire trip was a whirlwind, which lasted less than 24-hours. The orientation and accommodations were well prepared by the ASC staff. They aptly answered our questions, however, our inquisitive minds exposed deeper layers of our journey to Kingdom and unveiled even more questions…


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